WordPress Timeline Journey

This year, WordPress current version release stands at 6.0. Just realized how time flies without I even realize that I’ve been using this CMS for the past decade. Then I’m curious how and what was my earliest experience with WordPress like. I reviewed my social media posts that are related to WordPress and found some of them mentioned the WordPress version I was using. Yet, even tough I update my WordPress version regularly, I don’t always have the chance to document it.

It’s been a great experience, to use WordPress CMS in this long journey, but this year I also start to experience new trend in the web app creating so I’ll be less in touch with WordPress from now.

The first WordPress theme I designed for a client was launched on WordPress 3.0.1

AW Pottery Atlanta WordPress Theme

I include article links that reviewed each WordPress version I have featured here. If you’re new to WordPress it’ will be fun to learn those internet traces over time 😁

So here’s my WordPress roadmap journey that I can share with you

2010 – WordPress 2.9

2013 – WordPress 3.6

2022 – WordPress 5.9

WordPress History

WordPress Features by Versions

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