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Today I stumbled upon a web page with resourceful links, they are best links in graphic and web design which is updated daily by Pixelmarket, and I thought: WOW, this is great and absolutely helpful.

Then suddenly my memory goes back to the old days, back to the time when I first learn web designing, the CSS, web standard and all on the internet. There was a similar page that contains many links. The page was maintained in regular basis by Vitaly Friedman. You can visit the Web-Developer’s Handbook 2.0 if you never heard of it.
Vitaly Friedman is known as the founder of the famous Smashing Magazine. A web blog for Professional Web Designers and Developers launched in 2006 with 2m revenue.
Smashing Magazine‘s consistent updates have received thousands of readers and subscribers as they also published books and held regular events.
They maintain their quality posts by publishing wide range of article topics in web design and development, written by recognized competence authors.

So how do you cope with the never-end progressing technology in web design and development? Do you guys still read and subscribe to some blogs, go to a few active forums or just following the trends ever mentioned on Twitter or other social media?

or you would rely on some handpicked useful links? curated by well experienced professional?

Icons (illustration) made by DinosoftLabs from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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