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No-Code Tools to Build Apps

Internet used to be just an HTML-CSS thing for the responsive layout to make sure everyone who owns/ creates a website meets the good UX/UI standard. Then people started to build apps and so much into product designs. However, there are so many creative people with brilliant ideas who got stuck with a tight budget to develop their apps as the development side would take a great number of resources to make it work. These problems would, later on, be solved by the No-Code movement community and enthusiasts.

So here are some updates of the No-Code tools resources that I can share with you, which probably useful for you to check especially if you’re not a programmer or don’t really write codes.

Product Hunt Tweet

I have tried, Bravo Studio, and Airtable. I’ am excited to try out other tools mentioned in this Product Hunt tweet thread if they are open source!

You see that I really love Airtable for it’s so easy to filter various type of data, so I have been making a list from this long thread tweet.
You can filter the listed tools based on their pricing system, type of the tools and I added some more table fields for the tool’s features, templates and plugins availability as well as API integration option if there’s any.
I sometimes only add a few of new tools in daily basis or if I have time and you can check it here:


It’s fairly large learning community where the members share ideas and what they’ve built and Makerpad regularly posted some tutorials, and featured tools to build apps with No-Code.


Baserow is a no code database app, an Airtable alternative. It recently shares a list of no-code landscape as a compass to the community, so that everyone—at all levels—can learn, understand, and contribute to the ever-growing no-code landscape.
You are welcome to give your input for changes, removals, or additions.


I’ll be updating this post regularly and have a time to comment or contact me if you want to contribute to add the No-Code tools to this list.

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