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My Notion Personal Journal

So I’ve been looking for a journal app, that can work on mobile and web. I thought I can integrate the WordPress posts to a dynamic calendar, but I feel skeptical as the calendar plugins available are focusing on event, scheduling and booking. Then I began to wonder if it would be comfortable enough for me to use Notion daily log or something.
It turns good and I like how I can put different content in one layout. If in the future I need more sections, I could just modify the journal content template.

My next plan is to make a Zap to connect Twitter to Notion, so I can make quick update on my journal if I need to do it from my mobile browser as my phone is not compatible to Notion app.

Final Thoughts

Writing a journal helps me to keep on track with my plans and to get my tasks done promptly. It’s part of productivity tool, collection of memories, inspirations and memories. It can also be a great tool to balance my emotion and mental health with my daily routines that sometimes can take much energy and time.

Do you have the same experience and thoughts when writing a personal journal?

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