Experiencing Google Bard

Glad to finally tried Google Bard.
I have to find an alternative since I only have the ChatGPT v 3.5 which its last knowledge update was in September 2021. It can no longer answer newer topics that have been around later than that 😁

A few things that I need to note about Google Bard is that the prompt response takes a bit longer to appear. You’ll get it within 10 seconds more or less. While ChatGPT can provide much faster response, or almost instantly.
Also when I tried to copy the text into the clipboard, it won’t always copy the text right away. Not until 2-3 attempts. ChatGPT doesn’t have this copy-paste issue fyi.

I am sure Google Bard will evolves better by time nevertheless. Check the Facebook Life Event post and its comments as I also have shared several screenshots of Google Bard fantastic features.

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