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Cryptogram Game @Discord

What game do you play @discord?Can you suggest to me any good puzzle game #discord?Currently, just love playing #Cryptogram: sure how to play with other players tho 😅Would be challenging 😉 — Audee (@GraphicIdentity) May 23, 2022

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How Do You Unwind?

🌿🖌️📺 — Audee (@GraphicIdentity) May 20, 2022 oh just sometimes, but I also like growing plants 🪴 😊 — Audee (@GraphicIdentity) May 21, 2022 So this weekend! Recently I’ve been watching Drop Dead Diva series, and now I get into season 2 😊 What about you? how do you unwind? and what kind of things …

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Following me on Twitter, then found this Marko Bajlovic‘s Instagram that has many random pattern and texture photos, which also make me think of how wonderful what we can see, simply to see the zoomed-in version of objects around us!One of it, is this short animated coding.Enjoy! 😎 View this post on Instagram A post …

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30 Days of Sleep

Done. — Vadim Bauer | Dev ⌨️ | 1️⃣5️⃣7️⃣0️⃣ Follower (@BauerVadim) July 12, 2020 This is the ideal hours of sleep for everybody (not just for coders), just so you know if you haven’t 😅.Otherwise, you can try another sleeping technique here.

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